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In the midst of your stay, the Hotel unwaveringly lays out a wide range of events that may be accommodated within its lavish confines. Anyone may organize scheduled events by taking their pick of either the Auditorium or Meeting Hall or the Board Rooms constructed for such purposes. Where, the Auditorium holds the vast capacity of honoring an upper limit of 400 people in a classroom composition, with the Meeting Hall’s expansively structured to hold 80 persons on its round table. Alongside of the two, the Hotel comes equipped with an extra duo of Board Rooms whereby each holds the capacity of accommodating 25 guests within a “U” shaped table. Therefore, if you’re looking to effortlessly shift focus from recreation to business endeavors, this is just the place for you.

Corporate Events

Successful events begin with your desired venue. Legend Hotels & Resorts manage every ultimate element with attention to detail, permitting you to focus your energy on bringing thoughts to existence during high-profile meetings.

Product Launches

Legend Hotels & Resorts offer innovative and collaborative learning venues, encourage experimentation and innovation, and emphasize ease of use and functions beyond expectations.


We provide extremely good settings and ultra-modern era, from small gatherings to large audiences, developing impactful moments for seminars of all sizes and styles

Training & Workshop

Our modern-day meeting areas are perfect for high-profile trainings and workshops, wherein companions gather to encourage, exchange thoughts, and reach beyond their dreams.